When performance matters

 Rex James Stockfeed is the refined approach to formulation through on farm consultation with our nutritionists, we can determine the needs of your herd and provide you with a custom mixed ration to complement a whole farm diet.

We work closely with a range of consultants to manufacture custom mixes for customers. They provide specific rations for milling and on farm delivery as they trust Rex James Stockfeed to “get it right and get it done”.

All dairy rations made by Rex James Stockfeed are made using a range of high quality cereal grains, protein meals and legumes as well as a wide range of high quality vitamin and mineral premixes, plus an extensive range of feed additives to support optimal production and health of your dairy herd.

For clients who prefer to mill their own grain on farm a custom protein and mineral mix may take your performance to the next level. We have the ability to blend protein meals, legumes, cereal grains, vitamins and mineral premixes, macro and micro minerals and quality feed additives as required. The ration is completely customizable and can be changed as required in accordance with feeding rates, herd requirements and seasonal conditions.

When one size fits approach doesn’t suit your herd consider the following options

Tailored finished mix

Protein mixes

Protein and Mineral mixes

Crushed grains

Whole grains and  whole grain blends

pdf Custom Milling (1.89 MB)

Rex James Lead Feed promotes a smooth transition through calving to lactation encouraging her to put her best foot forward. Rex James Lead Feed has a balanced mineral profile with low DCAD formulated for transition cows and heifers 3 weeks prior to calving.

High palatable blend of cereal grains, protein meal, legumes, specifically designed transition vitamin and mineral premix, Rumensin, anionic salts and yeast metabolite (Diamond V XPC) allowing  the rumen to adapt to a high grain diet prior to the commencement of lactation.

Lead feed options can be customised to meet your specific requirements

  pdf Lead Feed (2.17 MB)


All feed options are available in bulk, bulka bags and 25kg bags

If your herd’s performance matters then talk to us



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