Rex James Calf Starter is a premium blend of high quality cereal grains, natural protein sources including both canola meal and crushed lupins. It contains a complete high quality vitamin and mineral pellet to provide a nutritionally balanced feed for young calves. Rex James Calf Starter has been formulated for calves up to 12 weeks of age.

Our Calf Starter is available both with and without Lucerne Chaff. The inclusion of chaff assists the young calf with improved palatability and easy transition onto a grain mix alongside milk.

Rex James Weaner Mix is a nutritious grain mix which has been specifically designed to support the growth and development of weaned calves from 3-6 months of age where they have been consuming Rex James Calf Starter prior to weaning.

It contains a balanced blend of premium cereal grains and protein sources and is enriched with vitamins and minerals to assist with continued development of your young stock.

These are available in bulk, bulka bags and 25kg bags.

We can also custom mix calf feeds to specific customer requirements.

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