Managing fodder quality this summer

Check the quality of your fodder


After such a great fodder growing season there is ample hay and silage available, with a vast  quantity of fodder being of a lower quality. Many fodder tests have revealed that fodder available this year is highly fibrous  with low energy and protein levels overall having a low digestibility. Taking this into account can make it challenging to incorporate this feed into the diet  without having a significant effect on production. 

Due to the amount of moisture throughout the season the risk of high mould and yeast present throughout fodder has increased. Mould or yeast may not be able to be seen visually but can have a detrimental effect on your herds health. 

Knowing the quality of your fodder and if any mould or yeast are present enables our nutritionist to formulate a ration best suited to enhancing on farm feed; setting yourself up for summer and the year ahead.

Our nutritionist can assist in creating a feed budget complementing the on farm feed with a tailored ration to achieve the best performance from your herd over the summer period and into the year ahead.